Why To Travel Maldives For Your Next Holiday Or Honeymoon Destination

Planning for Honeymoon destination is probably the most memorable yet’eons trip of one’s life. After the endless and exhaustive wedding planning, honeymoon is a period which is such a much needed break for the newly married couples. It is even more special for the couple since it would be the FIRSTEVER trip taken together after getting married. Now think for 5secs and answer this. Did you imagine your honeymoon in a land, far away? Where it’s just the two of you and no one to disturb you far miles? Yes? Then the Maldives holiday is the perfect destination you’ve been dreaming off. And then read further to read all about the next steps in planning the perfect Magical Maldives holiday.

Maldives as most of us know is one of the all-time dream honeymoon destination. After all where else can you find such surprisingly diverse resorts baskings on secluded individual islands. These resorts are so perfect they almost defy belief. From the brilliant white sands, sparkling aquarium lagoons and vibrant coral reefs. It’s no wonder this paradise on earth is a top honeymoon destination. The best time to travel Maldives for your honeymoon is driven by two main seasons:

One more question arises here is that how long should your Maldives holiday honeymoon trip be?

If you are looking for long holidays for more than a week, then maybe Maldives is not the right choice for you. A vacation of 5-7 days is just perfect. Things can get a little tedious after 7 days of stay here. Moreover, mostly there is only a single resort on every island and travelling to other islands is not only time consuming but extremely expensive also.

How To Reach:

Maldives are isolated island archipelago in the India Ocean. Its secluded location does not make it inaccessible in any way. The capital city, Male has an international airport having flights connection to South East Asia and Africa. The Gan Airport at Addu also serves the country with flights but these are usually charted flights from all over the world. Cruises and yachts are not available as the waters are full of coral reefs. The entire country is navigable by speedboats and small yachts. There are roads in the larger islands.

10 Reasons Why Holiday In Maldives Is best Than Any Other Place:

What To Pack for Maldives holiday:

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